Friday, January 24, 2014

Precious Moments

 I did it.  I threw a fit.  Might as well have had my face in the carpet and limbs flailing in all available directions...which really is only two since I am not so flexible anymore. (Beginners attempt at yoga a few days ago confirmed this - eeesh!)
My fit was caused by this...thing!  This 'blog' thing. How ironic that one of my first posts was the joys of a new computer and how it would magically fix my ability to break all things involving technology.  Yeah.  It didn't.
For some reason blogger stopped letting me add pictures to my posts.  And let's face it - who wants to READ a blog??  Okay, well sometimes I do, but I am not going to assume that I am that interesting - ha.
My fit has lasted since September...of 2012.  Oh the shame!!!  Mommy I'm sorry.  You taught me better problem-solving skills than that.  So I have picked myself up off the proverbial carpet, and removed the proverbial carpet lint from my proverbial wait, my nose is real.  Back on track Sage!  And I am giving this a go.  First good sign - my pictures are showing up - Yay!  So here goes nothing...
I had no idea where to start, so I just picked a few randoms from the last few months so I can look back and remember the little things.  Our precious moments:)
Any time we have a movie night, Malachi builds a pallet on the floor out of his comforter and 2,387 stuffed animals.  I don't have a problem with exaggeration.  Then at the end of said movie night, he piles his 13,935 animals and himself on top of his comforter and Aaron carries them "special delivery style" to his room.  Yes my child is inside there.  And his head has only made contact with the door frame once.  #winning
So I'm a hairdresser.  God has a sense of humor.  My child has the most ridiculous - and by ridiculous I mean AAAGGHHH - head of hair ever.  It grows in about 15 different directions (again no problems with exaggeration here) and is as coarse as a brillow pad. And what's really awesome?  He HATES getting his hair cut.  Jericho requests it, and loves it.  Malachi not so much.  Amazing how different siblings can be!  At any rate, I've got job security for a LONG time. 
A typical Sunday morning before church.  Rockin' his cowboy boots while rockin' out.  'Nuff said.
Jericho LOVES trains.  Might be because we live near some train tracks and approximately every 5.42 minutes one goes by.  "Train Mommy!!  CHOO-CHOO!!"  So I built him a cardboard train for his 2nd birthday:)  He loved it.  And destroyed it.  In a matter of days.  Cest la vie.
My boys have sword fights Top Chef style.  Get a spatula and a wooden spoon and it is ON!
A basket full of bouncy boys.  And for the record, fabric softener does nothing for Malachi's hair.  Joking...
So yeah, that's all she wrote.  I will be back...hopefully without a visit to the carpet.  Have a blessed weekend:)


Karen Strawder said...

Good job! You crack me up!

Ginger said...

I LOVE YOU. SO MUCH. That is all.